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This is a great place to add a tagline.


"Women are selling and marketing great products every day, and they need a voice for funding, sales operations, marketing savvy, and culture. I hope to be that voice of reason where appropriate."

After being an entrepreneur in fashion for eight years, I learned a thing or two about the importance of our Customer Experience strategy. We invested heavily in female graduates from top design schools, and coded a CRM/Commerce Application to enable a collaborative shopping experience with our customers. 


With multiple stores and a staff of thirty-plus women, I decided it was time for graduate school. Post graduating with my MBA in International Business, I put my education to work with SafeGuard International. Realizing I was unable to run the business and manage engagements for companies like Linkedin in South America, a tough decision had to be made.


I sold my company and jumped head first into technology. Call me crazy, but post-graduate school, I decided on a line of business role in software. Now, with almost a decade working for software companies, Ceridian, Safeguard World International, Oracle, and now Salesforce, I want to give back. 

We have to press the pause button in our hectic, crazy lives and make tough decisions about our careers. 

It is my personal belief that a career in technology is gratifying and empowers women. 

With Sellarketing, I am merely giving back in a volunteer capacity. I hope that my influence is positive and rewards the future generation of unique and talented women everywhere. 


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