Writing your strategy


Writing your strategy


Getting started with your first strategy on Productio is easy. You pick a "Name" for your strategy, and make sure to keep simple. Your MVP's will see your strategy name on their individual dashboards in the app. 🙏 

Step One: 

What would you like your Strategy to be called? 

   🔨  Admin
We 😍 emoji's (Control + Command + Spacebar)
How your new 🛠 Admin Strategy shows up for your MVP

Step Two: 


Your MVP's will easy recognize this strategy by its associated flag color, pick a color that goes with your "Admin" strategy 

How your flag color shows up on tasks for 🛠 Admin


My 🔨 Admin strategy is a support function of all things that are associated with making things run properly. If you are invited to work on our Admin strategy, we are grateful for you. This is important work you will be assigned because you are working on the business of business. 

Step Three: (optional)


Please provide a short description of your strategy

Tasks automatically assigned for users to learn about🛠 Admin