Proctoring students to predictable pipeline

Proctoring students to predictable pipeline

Client snapshot

The only Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to make its debut in the 2016 Higher Education market has set minds of the University Faculty members, Students, and the Administration at ease. Thousands of First-Year Students and upperclassmen engage with ProctorFree’s proctoring solution everyday on US campuses.

Taking tests in the middle of the workday on a university campus is so hard for young professionals that are sometimes employed parents as well. ProctorFree’s solution also has thousands of commuter students that take tests for their college courses while still living their busy lives with ProctorFree’s standardize online testing from their homes.

The problem

Although ProctorFree’s services fit a widespread need within the higher education market place, the company had a difficult time maximizing their efforts in sales and marketing. ProctorFree was well aware of The "Total Opportunity Cost" of waiting several months for a professionally built sales program to take hold. What they needed was a head-start that began with a formulated "Process" that would help them scale their sales and marketing efforts.



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Higher Education Market Place

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Learning Management Systems

The Productio method

Productio’s process was the “plug and play” solution that ProctorFree needed to create a consistent pipeline for Sales. By contributing guidance and momentum to ProctorFree’s  existing Sales program, Productio aided in the development of an effective Sales team and armed them with best practices for the early adoption bell curve in higher ed.

Within the first few months of working with ProctorFree, Productio was able to recruit a top-notch Sales Development Representative, and subsequently, offer intensive training to both entry-level and executive members of the team.

Additionally, to ensure effectiveness within the Sales and Marketing program, Productio established data-centric models for identifying, tracking, maintaining and closing new sales leads. This solution continues to be employed today within ProctorFree’s Sales and Marketing program, ensuring their efforts produce real results. ProctorFree's Co-Founder, Velvet Nelson, said: 

"Productio provided the strategy and step-by-step guidance to help grow our business through our sales and marketing efforts. We immediately saw results after implementing Productio's plan and continue to use their insights to improve upon our sales techniques."

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