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"Why Salesforce?"

So many friends and business colleagues have reached out to me to congratulate me on my new role. The follow-up questions were pretty consistent, "So, why Salesforce?"

Obviously, Salesforce should be in the top five for any graduate student. The consensus among new moms is apparent when you put some thought into such a tough decision. On the one hand, you have this fantastic career opportunity. On the other hand, balancing is the most critical work any human can do for parenthood.

Since joining the "force," I realized that we are the "SpaceX" of Saas, defying gravity. We work with our clients to solve Line of Business challenges that add real value to people's lives. On my team, come together to collaborate and improve the lives of sales & service professionals worldwide.

“collaborate and improve the lives of sales & service professionals”

"Why Salesforce?" - the answer is quite simple, Salesforce has an amazing culture, on target earnings potential, & an inspiring wellness strategy for all of our thousands of employees globally.

The short: I think Salesforce has a an excellent employee engagement model, which I define as:

  • Culture - Humility, Humor, and a Holistic energy

  • OTE - Ability to win financially

  • Wellness - Enablement to spend time on something you enjoy - my habit is yoga

The Long: After my entrepreneurial fellowship in graduate school, I had some ideas on what I was looking for in an employer. After 10 years as an entrepreneur for 10 years in fashion, I also had some ideas about what a brand should communicate in its public voice. What speaks to me is “innovation,” as I see this as the future of every excellent discovery for humankind.

Staying true to our beliefs and what drives us is no small feat. At the heart of my personal and professional strategy is a commitment to my family!

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