I'll Make You Famous: Why Digital Content is the New Sales Currency

Young Guns II was the most “Underrated” film of that decade for sure.

If you were 15 years old when this movie hit the theaters in 1990, you and your friends were chillin’ on a couch watching it over and over, pointing your "finger pistol" at each other saying, “I will make you famous”. Later in the evening, your cheerleaders turned this gun slinging movie into a dance and pointed at you saying, “I’ll make you famous”.

Who is pointing the gun at you today saying “I’ll make you famous”?

If you chose a sales career like I did 24 years after the release of Young Guns, then there is more than one Billy the Kid in your office pointing a Colt 1878 Thunderer at you saying, I’ll make you famous. Internal organizational pressures to drive sales can put a standoff in a western film to shame. If you are like me, you probably want to avoid the grave, and more importantly the unemployment line, so read on…….

$ocial Posts are the new sales currency for startups, and your wallet needs to be full of hashtags

Before we talk about why Social Posts will get you to President’s Club, let’s agree with Forrester and Sirius Decision's analysts on the following:

  • 80% of the leads you are getting are not ready to buy today

  • 40% of your pipeline is from marketing generated leads

  • Creating leads from "just cold calling" is a sure way to a cold grave

  • 75% of prospects can be found on social network

The missing element in your startup today is called a Social Post. Measured against email and phone calls, social posts are outperforming these other currencies in your forecast. When you start cashing in on Social Posts, you will reap the following rewards:

  • 60% of your prospects on social will make buying decisions in 180 days from you, not your competitors

  • You will never compete with the other 180 emails your prospects receive daily again

  • Your competitors will keep filling the inboxes of your prospects while your content is being read

  • Leads will start to connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+

Let’s role play! We are going to wind the clock forward 24 years , and I am Billy the Kid, only this time, at the end of my Colt 1878 Thunderer is You, and what you do next will determine the rest of your career in sales and more importantly your personal “FAME”.

I’ll make you famous! All you need is 30 days of $ocial Posts, and I know where to find them, and would love to help you find them too!