The Customer Journey: Just as Obvious as It Seems?

Thanks Mister,

[Hum as you read this: "Oh Lord, wont 'cha buy me, a Mer-cedes Benz"]

I am sorry I won the enterprise deal and your company lost it, but honestly, I never knew you were in the deal to begin with. You can be irritated with me, but I swear I didn’t know until the customer told me…..

It would have been a heck of lot easier for me to tell if your reps were involved, but clearly they are not selling in the 21st Century. I just thought you’d like to know how I figured this out.

I was never hiding anything. There were entire conversations happening on twitter between myself and your prospects. There were 18 public tweets between myself and the buyer at the “closed/lost” opp on your side. There were 18 opportunities for your sales people to get involved in the conversation. Public opportunities. ON TWITTER.

I connected with their “C” Suite on LinkedIn. I connected with everyone in marketing and everyone in sales. Those connections are publically announced. Well, they are if your reps were connected to the prospects. Then they would have known I was in the deal. They really should have known I was talking to the company. I looked through the connections of the contacts at the company, and your reps were never even connected with them. They ignored LinkedIn. Anyone can connect with anyone else on LinkedIn.

Most interestingly, I actually shared an opinion piece from your company on the state of the industry. We used this piece as a way to help the buyer through the process of understanding the business impact. It was your own doggone content that helped the buyer! I am assuming that your content would have helped your sales rep in the sales process, since the buyer said, “Wow, this is great and thanks for sharing, it really helps us see where we need to make decisions”. IF THEY HAD SEEN IT ALREADY, WOULD THEY HAVE SAID THAT?

Don’t want to lose another million dollar deal to me? Then send this email to all your reps . Tell them to call me directly @ 704.604.5944 and I will personally introduce them to LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and every other tool I use to win deals. It was your content that won the deal for me, and it is only fair I help them out.

Never ASSUME I stole a deal from the reps. I simply won because having a relationship with the buyer was important and made possible by the only technology on the planet that lets me play MONEYBALL ON DEMAND using social media.


Shannon Johnson

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