Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Release Date: July 1st, 2020 Google SDK & IOS SDK 

What is NLP?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a branch of computer sciences focused on the development of smart machines to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence and mimic the way humans think and work. 


AI consists of a range of tools and technologies from machine learning to natural language processing. 

AI will play a pivotal role in the future because it will drive business growth by replacing human intelligence with more accuracy and automation and affect how humans interact with technology and the world.

Why is NLP important?

Computers are built to recognize written and spoken words, but in order to effectively communicate with humans, they need to understand context. NLP is used to look deeper than words or phrases and actually understand the context of delivery.  Computers use NLP for a variety of different functions such as translations and answering questions.  


Although we are still somewhat limited by computers’ ability to process language, NLP has been developed to leverage several processing layers to handle the most difficult tasks. The layers include the breaking down of speech into simple sounds by individual letter or word, breaking down words into their main components, sentence structure, and context.  


In its simplest form, NLP allows for spell checkers to exist, and in a more complex form, it allows Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to function as virtual assistants.

What does NLP do for strategy 

NLP does not do much for strategy today, as you are an essential part of your strategy. The real question is, what can NLP do for you.


At Productio, we believe that your use of our application and, more importantly, our virtual assistant will make you more productive. You're not always going to be in front of your computer, and therefore, you might miss an opportunity to assign a vital task out right away.


With NLP, you can assign a job while running via your apple watch. Talk to your Productio virtual assistant, and your task will be delivered before you finish your run.