Building the right team to empower nonprofits

Building the right team to empower nonprofits

Client snapshot

Anyone who works in the nonprofit field can tell you that connecting with donors sometimes feels like an uphill battle. Quarterly newsletters and endless email blasts often prove to be fruitless and do little to show past and prospective donors the meaningful work organizations are doing. And nonprofits aren’t the only ones suffering from the lack of innovation in communication methods. Donors have a difficult time sifting through the masses of content sent to them daily to find the news that is most relevant to their interests.

Being nonprofit folks themselves, the founders at inKind recognized this significant problem and devised a solution that addresses the needs of both the nonprofits and the donors. inKind provides an automated marketing platform for nonprofits, through which inKind makes suggestions on what content to send, at what time and to which people. inKind’s process ensures that organizations are efficiently reaching their donor communities and donors are staying engaged with the causes that matter to them.

The problem

inKind had a vast and virtually untouched target audience, so reaching potential clients required the right kind of talent. The company needed to quickly develop an operational sales team that had a deep understanding of the client and the best practice methods of reaching them.



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The Productio method

Productio partnered with inKind to lead the entire recruiting, hiring and onboarding process. Within a short timeframe, Productio guided inKind to select the perfect SDR candidate with the background knowledge needed to connect with their target audience. Productio developed an incentive-based compensation plan to inspire immediate action, and over the following weeks, Productio provided in-person and virtual training session that prepared the new SDR for his dynamic and challenging role. Since the completion of this process, inKind has seen great success in reaching their target audience and is on course to address the communication gap that exists in the nonprofit world.

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