Creating Goals


Creating Goals


You have a Strategy, and now it is time to create some goals that will serve as a measurement against your overarching strategy. We refer to this form of measurement as "metrics that matter". 

Step One: 

What Strategy are we creating a goal for? 

When ➕ goals to your Storyboard, you will want to make sure each goal you ➕ is connected to its Strategy on the Storyboard.


Step Two: 


What is your goal name?

💸 2020 Compensation Plans

Step Three:​ (Optional)

This goal will have these types of possible otpions

Remember, we are mobile first play, and we less is more. We ❤️emojis, and we think you can say alot with 140 charaters. 

Add Options
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 2.03.25 PM.png

We went through the egregious process of thinking of everything at Productio, so you didn't have to 😎.


Options are just that, options. You do not need to have options when assigning goals to your MVP's.   

Goals become dynamic with options, as the tasks that are predefined can instantly be sent out to an end user based on their selected option. 

In our example to the left, we demonstrate that a goal for the sales organization is to manage their 2020 Compensation plans. 

Compensation plans change depending on the role, and with that, we might have rules that also change. 

When the end user selects their Account Executive Band, the Productio BOT will locate the associated tasks that were created for the option selected, and then assign those tasks to the end user.