Integration and fresh opportunities 

Integration and fresh opportunities 

Client snapshot

Every financial institution, at some point or another, faces the challenge of modernizing their client communication, as staying competitive in the financial world necessitates unparalleled customer satisfaction. Doxim’s SaaS-based solutions address this distinct challenge. The entire suite of services under Doxim’s Customer Engagement Platform enables banks, credit unions, wealth management firms and other service providers to improve and manage their client communication, with cost efficiency always front-of-mind.

The opportunity

Unlike many of Productio’s clients, Doxim is not a startup, and the company already had an established Marketing and Sales Program when it partnered with Productio; however, following its recent acquisition of DigitalMailer, Doxim recognized the opportunity to revamp its efforts to target, track and close sales leads.



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The Productio method

Productio worked closely with Doxim to expand its Sales team, which first meant recruiting best-in-class Sales Development Representatives. Through a formalized sales training program that included in-person sessions and a fresh supply of training tools, Productio ensured the growing Sales team had a thorough understanding of their target audience and the best methods for reaching them.

The company also faced the issue of integrating DigitalMailer’s Sales database with their own, which would be a lengthy and meticulous process. Utilizing Productio’s talent base for this project, however, streamlined the entire integration and resulted in a complete, accessible database for Doxim’s Sales team. Retrieving DigitalMailer’s historic data is now possible in a few clicks, and, most importantly, Doxim is able to utilize the most relevant data needed to continue on its successful trajectory.

To bring its work with Doxim full circle, Producio made certain that Doxim had access to their true Addressable Market – a key aspect of any successful Sales program. Productio and its partner organizations provided contact data that was not only extensive, but also clean and accurate. Contact data like this acted as the fuel for Doxim’s Sales program, which continues to succeed in reaching their Addressable Market today.

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