Creating your tasks


Writing Tasks


Start creating a task for a single user, group of users, or board cast tasks to all members for your storyboard today. 

Step One: Select Add Tasks 

Step Two: Assign the task to either a member, or a group of members by selecting the user or the strategy all users subscribe to in the app. ​

Step Three: Pick a title and throw in an emojis if you want to add some flair. Keep in mind the recommended task title length is under 45 characters. Users are going to receive a notification on their phones, their watches, etc. Less is more with titles and you will have plenty of space to provide a brilliantly laid out description of the task inside the task its self.

Step Four: Add some points that this task is worth. Need help on how points are used or monetized, just message Productio success in the app and your success manager will help you out. 


Step Five: Next you will select a strategy that this task belongs. This is a dropdown option and lists all of the strategies you are running today on the platform.  

Step Six: We are going to retrieve your goals for you to make sure you are assigning tasks that mirror your goals you are working to achieve. Pick the goal this task belongs to and the associated options, if any, that will make this task more effective. At Productio, we are serious about asking members to complete tasks for you, so yes, we are asking you for a lot as our members expect a lot when their reputation for getting stuff done is at risk. 

Upload:  Whatever you want that best helps the user understand the task in its totality. 

Write/ The editor is robust with all of your classic editor features and functionality. What makes our edit different from email editors? Nothing! Our difference in the fact that your uses will see these critical tasks and all of the essential digital stuff that you have included. Embedding videos, pictures, and questions are realized in our app by the end-user. Have fun here, as we think tasks can be fun, and we went the extra distance to make sure your members get to experience your unique creative side.