Stay Wanderful

“Check Into” to Sales Enablement

Client snapshot

Stay Wanderful provides the hospitality industry and guests a smart engine where users select from a wide array of rewards curated for them upon check-in at their hotel stay. On “hotel websites” since 2016, Stay Wanderful continues to amass millions of views per month across a portfolio of 150+ customers from iconic Las Vegas casinos to NYC’s Roosevelt Hotel.  


The opportunity

When the only smart engine rewards platform needed to get ready for massive scale and modernize its sales enablement strategy, Stay Wanderful looked for two main features. First, the ability to store, access and report against all of the sales and marketing stages in the business. Second, Stay Wanderful needed a platform that would control and contain the customer acquisition cost as they ramped through different funding rounds and organizational growth.


Perot Jain’s Productio Sales Enablement measured up to Stay Wanderful’s expectations with amazing results.  It is a robust platform, with Sales Enablement, Product Marketing, and Talent Acquisition and Development working in harmony. Productio dissected the business to quickly identify skill gaps in the overarching business development strategy that otherwise may have gone unnoticed, and addressed those gaps to transform the business with metrics for scale.



Computer Software

Hotel Technology



VC Funded



Boutique Hotels



Cloud self-service


Inside Sales



Booking Engines

Increased Productivity and Collaboration

“Before Productio, finding important sales KPI's was a bit of a nightmare,” Jennifer Wong, CEO of Stay Wanderful. First, all of the activity in the sales organization was reported on via email, excel, and a myriad of google docs that resembled our BI strategy from launch. It just wasn’t productive.


Clearly, a new sales enablement strategy was needed. Excel limitations, team collaboration, and time wasted on writing reports was a thing of the past — with Productio, we wanted to remap the strategy to something that resembled more of a predictive analytics lens, with our executives being data-driven professionals.


By modernizing our sales and marketing lens, Productio gave our team a chance to check in on productivity and collaboration. Today, Stay Wanderful employees can easily determine inside the sales and marketing stack what is happening with every stage of the customer journey.


The enhanced process keeps the team’s focus where it should be: driving more rewards for our thousands of customers.”

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