The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform was specifically designed to address the evolving needs of financial services organizations. The SaaS-enabled platform lets organizations personalize their client communications across all channels, increasing customer confidence, satisfaction and loyalty. The end result is decreased client attrition and increased wallet share, because satisfied customers use twice as many products as unsatisfied customers.

inKind is a new tech platform at the intersection of transparent giving, knowing your impact as a donor and completing projects as a nonprofit without asking for a penny. And it’s free. Nonprofits start project pages asking for the items needed to help those being served by their cause. Donors who care purchase the items directly, knowing exactly how they helped. A connection is made. Projects get completed. And nonprofits save funding for other things. It’s giving more meaning to giving.

ProctorFree is an identity verification and student authentication solution that deters cheating and academic fraud in online education. With the rapid proliferation of online course offerings, the potential for cheating has come into focus as a potential barrier to validation and accreditation for higher education. ProctorFree provides a low cost, high fidelity, effective and convenient solution that will transform online education, resulting in increased enrollments, higher integrity and improved public perception of the online education industry.

Acrowire is a technology consulting firm, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina servicing NLJ350 and Fortune 500 nationwide. They specialize in SharePoint development & design (including Intranet/Extranet), custom application development (including .NET and mobile), data analytics/BI, systems integration and more. The leadership team is comprised of senior level professionals with extensive experience in multiple business and technical disciplines. Ensuring alignment between stakeholder objectives and those of Acrowire's technology team is their number one priority.

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