Create your storyboard

Start writing your strategy today and deploy it tomorrow.

Create a Productio Storyboard


Your Productio storyboard, this is where your goals and the tasks necessary to reach them are combined into a digestible view of your team. Setting up your Storyboard:

  • When you create a storyboard, you’ll become the Storyboard author.

  • The 9 inch screen is dead, remember we are mobile first play. 

  • Plan on Linear Thinking; strategy, goals, and tasks are all intertwined.

Creating a Storyboard for your strategy


Step One: Go to (

Enter your first name, last name, company name, username, password,  then click login.

Step Two: Click + Strategy, pick a color that will be reserved for your strategy, your strategies “name”, and a short description of what you are thinking. Remember, strategies' basic framework should service ideology. Basically, think big here! Things like, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Managing Kids, Saving Money, etc. 

Step Three: Create a New Goal for your Storyboard by selecting the strategy you are working on. Goals are your basic measurement of success for all your various strategies inside of your Storyboard. Goals should have an element of elasticity (options) to provide you with the chance for Plan B (BATNA). Once you create a goal, you are given an option for “Options”. 

Step Four: Create a Task for a goal you're focusing on, by clicking add task. Tasks are the barometer for your time management skills. You have tons of green space for your tasks. Embed videos, quizzes, sharing photos, and create a score that is unique for every objective. Send a task to 1K phones in seconds and get responsive data on each. 


Step Five: Add Members email addresses & phones numbers to invite them to download and use your most important strategy tool.  

Click Storyboard to see your goals, tasks, and the strategies they belong to inside of Productio. Review your Storyboard!