Bringing data to a technology-focused company

Bringing data to a technology-focused company

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“Are we using the right technology in the right way?” It is a question that daunts corporations and law firms alike, and one that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. In order for corporations to survive, they are required to break away from legacy platforms; but deciding on which technologies are best suited for their individual needs can be intimidating.

As a technology consulting firm specializing in SharePoint development, custom application development and analytics, Acrowire is well attuned to the technology-related concerns that confront corporations. Their personalized approach enables them to accurately analyze the needs of each firm to determine which technology solutions are the right fit. Whether the answer is to rebuild old applications, integrate a new system or create from scratch, Acrowire’s team makes sure the most effective technology is in place.

The problem

Prior to Productio’s involvement, Acrowire was investing a considerable amount of time and resources into its Marketing and Sales processes, but with no method of quantifying and tracking this work, it was unclear if and how it was paying off. Acrowire needed not only to align its Marketing and Sales programs, it needed to grow its team to keep up with the expanding sales opportunities.



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The Productio method

Productio’s focus when it first partnered with Acrowire was to create a MQL-driven program for demand generation and to work with Acrowire to create an agile Inside Sales program. By implemented an SDR Dashboard and training the team to effectively track and maintain a database, Productio brought the missing piece to Acrowire’s Sales and Marketing programs: data. With Productio’s models now in place, Acrowire has a complete understanding of how their Marketing efforts are translating into new customers. As Chelsea Theodoropoulos, Acrowire's VP of Marketing, puts it: ​

"Before we began working with Productio, we had no visibility into how our Marketing efforts were reaching our target audience. Productio provided us all the tools and guidance we needed to make sure our Marketing and Sales teams are as effective and efficient as possible."

Productio knows that empowering a Sales team with the best Addressable Market data is crucial to the program’s success. With that said, understanding the real Addressable Market can be a challenge for many startups, especially those who do not have access to reliable, complete contact information. Acrowire was no exception. Productio and its partner organizations provided Acrowire with extensive, high quality contact data that met Acrowire’s specific needs. Equipped with this data, the Sales team can have confidence moving forward, and the entire company can benefit.

Acrowire has big plans for growth, so Productio made sure that they had the manpower to make that happen. Productio led the effort to expand Acrowire’s Sales team, and (equally as important) ensured the Sales program in place inspired results. Productio provided the framework for everything from the Incentive-Based Compensation Plan to the Sales Performance Metrics that would be used to evaluate the Reps. By getting into the “nitty-gritty” of the Inside Sales Program, Productio left nothing up to chance - and Acrowire continues to see the benefits today.

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