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Productio’s meaning is simple, “prolonging the life of”.
We put that meaning to work on a 100 million dollars in capital raised by Productio portfolio clients, and the 50 million in exits they achieved in the last three years. 
Productio was born from a necessity of ensuring that these founders had a strategy that would enable them to fund, hire, and predict a reasonable return from their human capital investment in sales, marketing, and service. The purple elephant in the room could easily be seen from our vantage point, and we landed on this really important need for a thin layer of technology that could create a massive delta between our founders and their peers. 

Shannon Johnson
CEO & Founder

Garth Moulton
Board of Directors

Rick Bennett
Board of Directors

As a passionate global sales professional with deep expertise in sales automation technology and B2B enterprise sales process, Shannon Co-Partnered with some of the world's most successful brands, including MSFT, CSC, and SAP while he implemented and led some of the best startup business development strategy for companies including Social123, rFactr, and Lua. Shannon was the recipient of the AA- ISP Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leaders award in 2015.

In addition to investing in and advising a growing number of technology startups, Garth is responsible for driving revenue through the channel and strategic brands for Pipl, inc. After 11 years of sales experience in the Bay Area, he had the perfect startup journey with From two guys and a whiteboard to a $175MM exit in 2010 to, he ran sales, business development, client support and the customer community.


Rick specializes in guerrilla warfare marketing. Two of his most spectacular successes are Oracle and Rick defines his goal as "finding some engineer/programmer in a garage who's been so nose-down on his task that he will be surprised when I exclaim, 'Wow, you really don't know what you have, do you?'" Rick strongly believes the fate of the world lies in superior new technology, not in politicians or the political process.

Diek Minkhorst
Board of Directors

Diek is an investment banker in Wells Fargo’s Corporate Finance Group.  Prior to his role in Corporate Finance, Diek spent two years in High Grade working specifically on Debt Private Placements.  Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Diek worked as an analyst at Sagent Advisors and also spent three years running a crowdsourced digital media startup he founded.  Diek graduated in 2010 from the MSB with a major in finance and a minor in Mandarin.